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All you need to know about Appendicitis

An acute inflammation of the appendix is known as appendicitis.

The exact cause is still not known.

A block in the base of the appendix causes mucus secretion by the mucosal glands. This causes further swelling, edema and congestion.

The trans-migration of bacteria from lumen to the wall causes infection, inflammation and mucocele formation. Pus formation and abcess occurs and if left untreated, it turns gangrenous.

In infants and the elderly and people with compromised immunity, generalized peritonitis and sepicaemia occurs, which leads to multi organ failure.

When the patients immunity is strong, it can take up to 3 months to form.

Signs and Symptoms:

Stomach Pain


Low grade fever

loose stools


Clinical examination.

Blood tests



Laparoscopic Appendicectomy is the preferred treatment.

In complicated cases like perforated appendicitis, Open Appendicectomy is preffered.

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