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All you need to know about Circumcision!

The removal of the foreskin of the human penis is called circumcision. Which is traditionally performed due to religious beliefs or certain medical conditions like Phimosis, Paraphimosis, BXO, recurrent Balanoposthitis, etc.

There are different methods by which circumcision can be done.

The most common methods are Conventional/dorsal slit, Stapler and Laser Circumcision.

The Advantages of circumcision are as follows:

- Prevention of STDs, recurrent Baloposthitis.

- Prevention of Penile Cancer if performed in childhood.

- Easier intercourse

- Maintaining proper hygiene

Circumcision is a day care procedure which requires few hours of stay post operatively for observation and patient will be discharged once he is stable.

Circumcision does not interfere with sexual activity or sensation.

The wound healing happens early, within a few weeks but as per WHO recommendation, sexual abstinence of 42 days should be maintained.

Lexinia Laser Clinic promises you the best care since the time you step in to our facility and perioperative care with experienced staff and doctors.

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