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Are you suffering from Lumps under the skin? - Everything you need to know about the lipoma

Many of us feel some kind of lump in some part of the body, which can be mobile, soft or firm in consistency and very slow growing in nature. Some people may have one lump or many particularly on the arms and forearms and upper trunk. If you have this kind of lump, it's most probably Lipoma.

Lipoma is nothing but mass of the immature fat. And it is the most common tumor of the human body but Benign in nature i.e. non-malignant.

We can observe the growth of the lipoma if it is small, slowly growing, non-tender and not troubling in day to day activities.

When it becomes larger in size or feels tender, grows faster or multiple sites, it may not look cosmetically good it can be removed. Many nerve therapies are being practiced but the ideal treatment of choice is lipoma excision which means complete removal of lipoma swelling. It has less recurrence rates.

Lexinia provides premium facilities for lipoma excision along with Surgical excellence at a very low cost. Sterile environment is of utmost importance and proper COVID-19 measures are being taken at the clinic throughout.

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