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*Everything you need to know about non-healing Venous Ulcers*

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

-Many patients with varicose veins and Venous hypertension suffer from Venous ulcers in later stages.

These ulcers take a longer time to heal or sometimes do not heal unless a proper intervention is done.

-Etiology of venous ulcers development in Varicose veins has many theories like capillary stasis, white cell trapping and fibrin cuff theories.

-Evaluation of a Venous ulcer patient requires thorough clinical examination and also the venous doppler scan to evaluate varicose veins and incompetent perforators.

-If healing is still getting delayed after dressing, the doctor can advise you to get edge biopsy of the ulcer to rule out another pathology.

- Bisgard's Regimen for Ulcer management. (4Es)



Elastic stockings (4 layered dressings) once a week

Elevation of the limb.

- Once the ulcer heals patient should undergo surgery to treat the varicose veins.

-Lexinia is a center where the best care is offered with promising results for Varicose veins and non healing ulcers with expertise of the surgical team.

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