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Important things you should know about Sebaceous Cyst in the Human body

* Our skin has sebaceous glands adjacent to our hair follicles which secrete sebum to keep our skin moist and oily to prevent dryness. When the opening of the glands get blocked due to any reason including trauma it's secretions starts accumulating in the gland cavity and it forms a cyst which becomes apparent later as a cystic swelling known as "Sebaceous Cyst".

* Sebaceous Cyst is usually slow growing swelling just below the skin usually painless with small black dot (punctum) on it. But when this cysts get infected it grows rapidly and also becomes painful.

* If the cyst is painless and small it can be managed just by observation. But when it grows fast and becomes infected there is no choice than Surgical excision.

* Excision of cyst is easier when it is non-inflammed i.e in its initial stages but later it becomes difficult because of surrounding inflammation.

*We at lexinia provide most effective management of the Sebaceous Cyst or any other swellings in body with correct diagnosis and instant treatment. Even if Surgery required we have a state of the art operation theatre and a sterile environment.

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