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Inguinal Hernia - All you need to know!

Hernia is a protrusion of an abnormal content due to an abnormal defect in the body. Similarly in groin hernia can develop from the weakness of abdominal wall muscles (adult type hernia) or persistent of procesus vaginalis (Congenital hernia).

Abdominal contents like intestine or omentum protrudes through defects and becomes prominent on coughing, straining or standing. Gradually size of sac increases so does of hernia swelling.

When defect is large (e.g. in direct hernia) hernia can be asymptotic except swelling but when defect is small (e.g. indirect hernia or femoral hernia) it becomes obstructed and eventually contents get strangulated at the neck and risk of gangrene increases.

Hence any hernia in this region requires Surgery.

Hernia is a condition for which there is no medical management and Surgery is only the treatment of choice.

Prior to surgery doctor perform clinical examination to look for any associated disease or cause of the disease also to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes ultrasound abdomen can be done for the confirmation of diagnosis, types of contents and to look for associated abdominal conditions.

Commonly performed Surgeries are open inguinal hernia mesh repair or herniorrhaphy or herniotomy (performed for congenital hernia) or minimally invasive surgeries like laparoscopic repair of hernia.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But mesh repair is treatment of choice for adult type groin hernias.

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