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Is your ingrown toe nail giving you trouble?

The Nail arises from the nail bed beneath the skin at the base and it grows straight throughout our life normally in most cases. But in certain individuals due to trauma or improper nail cutting at the edges or due to certain medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, smoking, fungal infection of nail etc, The corner of the nail starts growing laterally inside the skin.

Initially patients may not feel pain but once significant nail grows inside the skin, there is pain while walking and due to repetitive trauma by this nail to the skin, infection and pus formation occurs which is known as paronychia. This usually happens in the toe nail (most commonly big toe) though it can also happen in the thumb nail.

How to fix this? Here are a few ways to get rid of this problem:

1)Appropriate linear cutting of nails. (Avoid curving towards the edges) to prevent recurrence.

2. Partial nail avulsion:

a) Phenol matricectomy

b)Chemical matricectomy with 10% sodium hydroxide

c)Trichloroacetic acid matricectomy

d)Matricectomy using carbon dioxide laser

e)The Winograd procedure (wedge resection)

f)Wedge excision and phenol matricectomy


h)Electrocautery or curettage

3) Complete nail excision if both edges are affected in a single toe nail.

Surgery is performed as an OPD procedure and under local anaesthesia.

Post-operative recovery is fast in any type of Surgery.

Doctor advices you to take rest for one day with limb elevation with two pillows. Daily dressings can be done at home.

Recurrence is rare in complete nail excision but slightly common in partial nail excision which may require further intervention.

Lexinia is known for its best services in podiatry starting from corn excision and care for the partial nail excision to diabetic foot care.

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