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Laser hemorrhoidoplasty: a less painful and equally effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Lasers are now becoming popular in the day to day practice of general surgery. Nowadays in the era of enhanced recovery practice, patients wish for minimally invasive techniques so that they can get back to the routine work as soon as possible.

Traditional treatment for hemorrhoids is conventional open or closed hemorrhoidectomy. Which means removal of the hemorrhoidal mass. It is associated with big wound which takes time to heal and also more complications like pain, infection and bleeding.

Recent modifications in Surgery are now widely being accepted like laser hemorrhoidoplasty and stapler hemorrhoidopexy.

Lexinia Surgical Hospital is known for its service in minimally invasive procedures for hemorrhoids like Laser hemorrhoidoplasty and Stapler hemorrhoidopexy. Which has a great advantage over conventional Hemorrhoidectomy because of less complications like pain, bleeding, infection and recurrence rates, and also faster recovery.

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