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Lumps on your body? Here are 13 conditions you could have!

Many of us suffer from lumps or swelling in the body. They can be small or large in size.

Here are some of the common conditions you could have:

1. Lipoma - it is a collection of immature fat under the skin, which is the most common benign tumor.

2. Sebaceous Cyst- due to blockage of sebaceous glands it's collection starts accumulating under the skin forming a cyst. Which can eventually becomes infected and sometimes burst open with foul smelling discharge.

3. Dermoid cyst is generally present since birth. It is a sequestration cyst which develops at the line of embryonic fusion.

4. Hemangioma- it is a swelling caused due to vascular malformations, which can be capillary, arterial or venous in origin.

5.Papilloma- it is a simple pedunculated overgrowth of all layers of skin.

6. Fibroma - tumor of fibrous tissue. It Can present itself at any location in the body because of the vast spread of fibrous tissue.

7. Neurofibromas - usually multiple swellings of neural and fibrous elements.

8. Infected swellings - these are painful red swellings occur because of infection for e.g. Boil(furuncle), Carbuncle, folliculitis, cellulitis and abscesses.

9. Traumatic swelling- e.g hematoma ( collection of blood) , implantation dermoid.

10. Keloids/ hypertrophic scar- these swellings occurs as result of excessive healing with fibrous tissue of any wound.

11.Corn- circumscribed horny thickening of the tissue, which are cone shaped.

12.Warts- patches of overgrown skin with hyperkeratosis.

13. Malignant swellings- one should suspect malignant swelling if it is

Irregular in shape, rapidly increasing in size, has recently become painful or associated with restriction of activities, usually fixed to underlying structures.

One should visit the doctor immediately if he or she observes such findings.

Any swelling or lump in the body should not be ignored. We at Lexinia Surgical Clinic, provide services with accurate diagnosis and best possible management of any swellings in the body.

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