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Pain under the foot? All you need to know about corns.

Corns are the hyperkeratotic hard swellings present usually at the pressure bearing or at the areas of usual friction which develop as a result of the body's defense mechanism against constant friction at that particular area.

Corns can be present on weight bearing and non weight bearing areas. They have a surrounding hard skin and a root which can cause pain while walking. This condition gets worse when the corn gets infected.

Corns can be managed with conservative measures like reducing load on the affected area, using a soft sole with appropriate footwear. Daily scraping the corn tissue with pumice stone or by applying dekeratinizing agents like salicylic acid or by applying corn caps.

But when the corn starts causing pain, gets infected or inflamed it has to be excised.

Surgery can performed on OPD basis with excision of the corn under local anaesthesia with or without suturing.

Lexinia is a centre where you can get a proper solution for corns either conservative or surgical, with the best treatment at a low cost.

We at Lexinia are known for our sterile environment and the world class care we have to offer, right from the time you get in touch with us, till you completely recover. We also provide online assistance from the operating surgeon post surgery.

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