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Pain while passing motion?

Lexinia brings you the best solution.

Many people complain about pain while passing motion which remains for few minutes to many hours after defecation sometimes associated with bleeding and mostly gets aggravated with hard stools or constipation. All these symptoms indicate that the individual is facing the problem of "Fissure in ano".

Fissure is becoming more prevalent in our society nowadays because of change in habits like eating junk food, less water consumption per day and also not leading an active lifestyle.

It is a troublesome situation for a patient in their day to day life. If not addressed on time, it can lead to certain complications.

Fissure in ano can be considered as an Acute condition if it is recent onset and it can be cured (in 50% patients) with diet modifications and also regular medication from the doctor. But if ignored for a longer time, it can become "Chronic Fissure in ano" which in attempt to heal may form sentinel tags or becomes a non-healing Fissure.

The main associated condition or etiology of Fissure in ano can be increased internal sphincter tone.

Such chronic Fissures can't be managed conservatively and Surgery is required to get rid of the problem. There are various options for the surgery including Sphincterotomy with or without Fissurectomy and sometimes local flap cover to enhance healing process of the fistula.

Lexinia promises you the best of care and treatment for such conditions with great hospitality and ensures the best experience for the patient with faster complete recovery and early discharge.

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