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Corona has affected more than 215 countries and India is among the worst affected countries at present with daily cases being on the rise.

Recently Bangalore also has seen sharp rise in number of cases and hence as a result we are under lockdown.

COVID-19 is caused by novel corona virus (SARS-COV-2) spreads by droplets and by touching the object contaminated by these droplets. The incubation period of this infection is around 14 days.

Common symptoms identified are flu like symptoms, cough, breathlessness, fever, chest pain, insomnia, loose motions, tiredness etc.

The Precautions we are taking for COVID-19 :

As the number of cases are increasing and there is no solution at the moment or in the near future, we have to be ready to adapt with this "new normal". We must know as the lock down has advantage of preventing transmission it has also brought changes in our lifestyle which are responsible for certain diseases especially proctology conditions of piles and fissures.

Many people staying at home are candidates who are afraid of getting Surgery done in fear of Corona infection.

Lexinia Surgical Clinic is popularly known for its sterile environment. Even before Corona we used to follow the norms which are now being imposed.

Measures during consultation-

Our clinic is purely a Surgical set up and we arrange our appointment such that not more than 2 patients should gather at one time.

Everyone including patient their attendants and our staff gets entry in clinic only after reading temperature and pulse and oxygen saturation.

Wearing mask is compulsory and if you don't have mask we provide one before entering the clinic.

Patient and attendants compulsorily need to clean their hand with sanitizer.

- After registration, a consent is being taken to rule out any travel history and symptoms of COVID-19.

- During consultation with surgeon proper social distancing is followed.

- We make sure that our consultation room is being fumigated on regular basis.

After Admission-

- If you need admission for Surgery care is taken to make sure that no more than 2 Surgeries planned on same day.

- Room and operation theatre is routinely being sterilized a day before you get admitted.

- Operation theatre is the most sterile place of any hospital and we make sure that proper norms being followed during Surgery including PPE kits.

- Majority of our patients are being discharged on the same day evening if they are comfortable and pain free.

After Discharge-

- Our doctors are available 24x7 for online consultation if you face any problem.

- We cut short the follow up schedule and you can contact our doctors anytime if any problem.

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