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Suffering from pain in the legs with prominent veins?


Human evolution over thousands of years has blessed us with the ability to stand and walk on our feet. But the same ability has also cursed us. The curse of increased pressure in the veins in the leg. Because of prolonged standing and walking a pressure builds up in our leg veins and becomes dilated, prominent and tortuous generally referred as "Varicose veins". Other important causes are incompetent valves in the veins, trauma, history of infection or inflammation of veins (i.e. thrombophlebitis), previous history of clots in the veins (i.e. Deep vein thrombosis) etc.

People who require prolonged standing like Bus conductors, traffic police, surgeons, teachers etc. are at more risk of facing this problem.

Varicose veins if ignored can give ms rise to many complications like pain, skin changes in lower leg, non-healing ulcers and occasionally bleeding. Hence it becomes essential for a patient to visit the doctor to treat the condition before complications occur.

For initial stage doctor may prescribe you compression stockings but one must keep in mind that it is just treatment to prevent progression not a complete cure. Further stages of varicose veins require Surgical management after thorough clinical and Venous Doppler evaluation.

Conventional surgery for varicose veins is known as Trendelenberg operation in which we give around 4-5cm incision in the groin or popliteal fossa and strip down the complete vein after ligation. Recent advances like Endovenous procedures which are minimally invasive like Endovenous LASER or radio-frequency ablation, injection sclerotherapy, has become popular among the surgeons as well as in patients because of scarless surgery, less bleeding and wound infection and quick discharge and recovery.

Lexinia offers you world class service at the best pricing and the best treatment for varicose veins with negligible complication rates.

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