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Tight Foreskin? All you need to know about Phimosis!

Phimosis is a condition in which the penile skin cannot be pulled back, i.e. difficulty in retraction.

It can be congenital (from the birth - physiological phimosis) or may be acquired (secondary) in some cases.

Physiological phimosis requires no treatment it resolves by itself, with age.

But pathological phimosis which can happen because of an underlying pathology may be acute or chronic.

Acute phimosis occurs due to infection (balanitis / balanoposthitis) inflammation. While Chronic causes are recurrent episodes of infection, scarring due to repetitive trauma.

Acquired phimosis (recent onset) in middle aged or elderly must arise suspicion of underlying malignancy also. And thorough evaluation is required.


Circumcision is treatment of choice for pathological phimosis.

Various techniques of circumcision are in practice.

1. Classical conventional circumcision.

- common technique.

- requires sututres.

- wound healing takes 3-4 weeks.

- complications like pain, infection, bleeding poor cosmetic outcomes.

2. Stapler circumcision:

- minimally invasive technique.

- less complications as compared to the conventional methods.

- no stitches or sutures required.

- can resume sexual activity early.

3. Laser circumcision:

- minimally invasive technique.

- cutting is done by laser.

- fewer complication rates.

-no stitches or sutures required.

- can resume sexual activity early

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