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What are corns?

Corns are hard, thickened areas of skin that typically occur on the feet. They’re similar to a callus, but are usually harder, smaller, and more painful.

Corns aren’t dangerous, but they can cause irritation. They’re also more likely to affect women than men.

There are three main types of corns:


Hard corns are the most common type of corn. They’re small, concentrated areas of hard skin, usually found within a wider area of thickened skin. Soft corns, on the other hand, are whitish or gray, and are rubbery in texture. They often appear between the toes. Seed corns are small and usually found on the bottom of the foot.

As they thicken, corns can become quite painful.

Corns aren’t a skin disease. They’re your body’s response to pressure or friction on the skin. Here’s how to prevent and treat them at home:

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